We are iMarketing Enterprises and we provide all kinds of web solution in one place. Beginning from Web Designing and SEO we are thoroughly professional in Social Media Marketing, Off Page Optimization and Tracking. We promise our clients to get the best conversion rate. Our team consists of specialists in each of these fields and we are always upgrading our skills to cope up with the changes in the business. We provide our clients excellence, results and satisfaction at the lowest rate possible. Our head office is in Bhopal, India and we have our clients all around the world.

We manage, create and grow the website for approximately 20 clients, and execute their customized marketing strategies through daily engagement, conversations, and interaction on a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

We supervise monthly management of website, database and advertising creation and reporting and provide real-time analytics, insights measurement and content optimization of each client’s social ad performance.

We are responsible for developing and implementing an in-depth marketing strategy for existing clients, which entails research, drafting and scheduling of both original and curated content for the streams. we also formulate, research and build social media plans which are precise to new clients, often in niche markets. These plans aim to use social media as a method for building an online presence and ultimately result in growing leads and sales.